100% Employee Owned

At ESA, we own ourselves. What does that mean? It means that we are in this together. We are all accountable to ourselves—and each other—and if we are successful, we all share the benefits. It’s a win-win, and a tenet that shapes our culture, helps our clients, and drives us forward.

What This means for Our Employee-Owner

For more than four decades we’ve guided integrated decision-making, developing innovative and workable solutions that inform development and restoration projects based on sound science, policy, and planning.

Open Book Management

We’re committed to open-book management, regularly briefing employees on company performance, strategic objectives, and business planning.

Everyone Takes Responsibility

With ownership comes responsibility. We expect everyone at ESA to look at their role from the perspective of an owner to ensure the firm’s long-term success and sustainability.

Everyone Has a Voice

Employee-owners are encouraged to participate in open forums and to speak up about how the company goes about its daily business.

Build Equity Beyond Your Paycheck

As shareholders, everything we work for comes back to us. Unlike publicly traded companies or privately held firms, our profits flow directly back to each employee-owner, allowing them to build equity for themselves, their families, and their future.

What’s an ESOP?

An ESOP, or employee stock ownership program, is the vehicle in which ESA shares equity with employee-owners at the firm. It is a qualified retirement account that allows each of us to build wealth over time as shares are allocated to staff each year. Upon departure or retirement, an employee-owner is paid out based on the current stock value, and their shares are redistributed back into the program. ESA’s share price is set annually by an independent appraisal firm, based in large part on the performance of the company.

Benefit to:
ESA Crew Team
Work Directly with a Company Owner

At an employee-owned firm, there’s no buffer between clients and those running the company—every employee has the mindset of an owner, putting client service first and standing behind the work that they do.

At left: ESA took a few client-partners to experience the California Delta in a new way: rowing!

Employee-Owned Benefits Company
Improving Where We Work and Live

As consultants we seek out work, but as employee-owners we are empowered to hone in on projects that are meaningful to us, so we can positively impact the communities in which we work and live.

At left: ESA Archaeologist, Michael Newland, volunteers his time to recover cremains lost in California’s 2018 wild fires.

Employee-Owned Benefits Company
Employees Are Investors and Investees

ESA employees are both investors and investees—this distinction attracts and retains employees who are focused on the long-term financial success of the company.

At left: Leslie Moulton-Post, ESA’s CEO and President, addresses employee-owners.

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