Environmental Science Associates Celebrates 50 Years of Groundbreaking Science, Planning and Design

Environmental Science Associates Celebrates 50 Years of Groundbreaking Science, Planning and Design

San Francisco, Calif., July 16, 2019 – Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading environmental science and planning firm headquartered in San Francisco and with offices on the West and Gulf Coasts, marked its 50th anniversary on July 3. It will celebrate this summer and fall with open houses for clients, project partners and colleagues across its regional offices. Coinciding with the half-century milestone, the firm will also inaugurate a scholarship fund and is unveiling a new website featuring in-depth industry insights and project information.

Founded in 1969 by three scientists in Foster City, Calif., ESA became quickly renowned for its top-quality environmental impact analysis and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation. The firm moved its headquarters to San Francisco in 1984 and has since grown to 19 offices across California, Oregon, Washington and Florida with more than 500 employees. This growth has included several notable mergers and acquisitions that have deepened ESA’s technical service capabilities.

“Having been with ESA for over 35 of its 50 years, I view this anniversary as a celebration of a remarkable past, present and future,” said ESA President and CEO Leslie Moulton-Post. “While we have certainly grown and evolved, we have stuck to our core values of sustainability, effective problem-solving and offering innovative, integrated solutions. It’s immensely gratifying to look back on a body of work that has helped shape the world we live in. We wholeheartedly thank our clients, project partners and industry colleagues for their trust and support.”

Working with federal, state and local agencies, private developers, municipal utilities and the public, ESA assists clients from the earliest phases of project conception, through environmental review and regulatory approval, to project implementation and follow-through. Its award-winning projects have raised industry standards by providing enduring restoration and growth solutions from coast to coast. These projects have included Sacramento’s Central City Specific Plan, Oroville’s Spillways Recovery, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority Purple Line Extension, the Riley Ranch Nature Reserve in Bend, Ore., Paine Field Airport in Everett, Wash., Portland’s Thomas Cully Park and the Old Tampa Bay Water Quality and Habitat Assessment, to name a few .

“ESA has always been deeply committed not only to its work and the environment, but also to its people,” said Moulton-Post. The firm instituted an employee stock ownership program (ESOP) in 1994; in 2000 it became 100% employee-owned. Today it is one of the West Coast’s largest independently owned environmental consulting firms.

“Our industry is ever-changing, and the work is consequential, giving us all a multitude of opportunities to grow and sharpen a diversity of skills and expertise,” added Moulton-Post. “More than anything, this anniversary is a celebration of our people, and I’m incredibly proud of the long tenures and friendships that have been fostered here.”

Currently in development with the firm’s Diversity Committee, ESA’s scholarship program will focus on candidates pursuing careers in environmental science. Final program details will be announced in the fourth quarter as the grand finale of the year-long 50th anniversary celebration.

ESA is also commemorating the anniversary with a special Spotify playlist of songs that have particular meaning and relevance to the environment curated by its employee-owners. Readers are invited to download it here.

About Environmental Science Associates
Environmental Science Associates (ESA) is a prominent environmental services firm with offices on the West and Gulf coasts, leading the industry in environmental science, planning and design, regulatory compliance and restoration. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2019, ESA works to improve the sustainability and resilience of communities and the natural environment, providing responsive client service and tackling complex environmental challenges. A 100% employee-owned firm, growing thoughtfully and deliberately, ESA invests in its employee-owners across 19 offices in California, the Pacific Northwest and Florida. Visit www.esassoc.com. Follow: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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