The Next Major Advancement in Aircraft Noise Abatement Technology

Some of the Nation’s Busiest Airports are Using Whispertrack

While the aviation industry has focused largely on improving the hardware side of aircraft noise abatement (e.g., quieter engines, improved wings for better climb performance, etc.), little has occurred on the software side in terms of noise abatement procedure dissemination – until now. Whispertrack corporation has taken advantage of the internet’s vast information distribution capabilities and the meteoric rise in the use of computer tablets such as iPads in the cockpit to develop an innovative way for pilots to get the information they need to adhere to an airport’s noise abatement procedures.

Whispertrack gives airports an intuitive, web-based tool to manage and update their noise abatement procedures and also handles the task of distribution. This relationship gives airports unprecedented control over their data and the ability to reach a level of awareness in the pilot community that wasn’t previously possible. Additionally, Whispertrack automatically creates “Whisperplates,” a Noise Abatement Brochure, on demand, allowing airports to remove the need to create and maintain expensive brochures. Airports that utilize Whispertrack see greater adherence to their noise abatement procedures, especially by itinerant pilots who are less familiar with the noise abatement procedures than pilots based at a particular airport.

Some of the nation’s busiest air carrier and general aviation airports use Whispertrack, including Oakland International, San Francisco International, Santa Monica, and Teterboro Airports. Due to the ‘Network Effect,’ the more individual airports that participate, the more value there is for all airports combined. “OAK has been using Whispertrack for eight months and clearly Whispertrack is the most effective method for disseminating airport noise abatement procedures directly to pilots for compliance with noise programs,” Lawrence Galindo, Noise and Environmental Affairs Supervisor at Oakland International Airport said.

To learn more about Whispertrack, go to or contact Whispertrack VP of Operations, Jason Dougherty at  or 530-564-1450.

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