We’re Walking the Talk – Creating ESA’s First Sustainability Report

ESA’s Renewable Resources Team takes the lead in measuring our sustainability successes and opportunities for improvement

Sustainability Reports are becoming increasingly common in companies both large and small. They provide insight into a company’s values, commitments and operations as they relate to the triple bottom line: growth in the economic, social, and environmental domains. From an environmental perspective, these reports track real, quantifiable progress in reducing environmental impacts in key areas, including greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and resource consumption.

ESA’s very own Corporate Sustainability Report is on its way! ESA is putting the final touches on our 2010 Sustainability Report, based on our Sustainability Plan made public last year. Our Renewable Resources Team is heavily involved with this effort for the firm, providing expertise on benchmarking, target setting, and performance measurement.

Our company commitment stretches far beyond the typical. In 2009, the firm’s Board of Directors approved a Sustainability Vision and Policy Statement and the firm has since then integrated sustainability into its operations. ESA works with the following philosophy in mind:

We understand that a sustainable future is important to everyone – our clients, employee owners and communities – and we pledge to be an environmental leader with results. We are committed to integrating the environmental, economic, and social principles of sustainability into all aspects of our work.

We are committed to incorporating environmental consideration into all levels of business operations: from purchasing to facility site selection, from mentoring staff to guiding our clients to sustainable project solutions. Our commitment to the future is reflected in the values we promote internally, within our company, and through the forward-thinking services we deliver. Environmental stewardship and the principles of sustainability will be seamlessly woven into our business plan and corporate culture. Our actions will result in the achievement of quantifiable goals to reduce environmental harm in the short and long term.

ESA aims to publish the Report before the end of the year. This first annual Corporate Sustainability Report will reveal how well ESA has performed against goals and targets and where we can improve. It will be used as a tool by our leadership to ensure our business planning and everyday decisions help us to achieve the goals we’ve outlined as a company and are committed to meeting. Updated annually, this report will be a major step toward a smarter, more sustainable future for the company and the clients we serve.

For more information about or our sustainability and climate change services, contact Jeff Caton.

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